Yoga Ropes Class

Saturday, Feb. 13–10:00-11:30 AM

“Learn the ropes” of our yoga rope wall with this special Yoga Ropes DownDogYoga Ropes Tri cropclass!

The use of wall ropes helps practitioners become more aware of their bodies and to open areas that might be difficult to access. The ropes provide support and stability in a variety of poses, allowing students to feel the correct positioning of muscles and joints, while stretching and strengthening very specific areas. This increase in body awareness and confidence is extremely helpful for future work without the ropes. Additionally, it lends the security of being held safely while trying new and more challenging poses.

Our current students may use their punch card to attend this class! (Otherwise, walk-in rate is $15.)*

Our ropes are smooth and comfortable and meant for the bare hand, but some might prefer to bring a workout/cycling glove to aid in grip/comfort.

Why ropes?

  • Ropes allow us to become more aware of our asymmetries so we can move toward alignment in all poses
  • Ropes show us where we are overworking (and where we are underworking)
  • Ropes allow us to target particular areas of the body, strengthening areas that are weak and stretching areas that are tight
  • Ropes make possible poses that are difficult  because of age, stiffness, injury, weakness or fear
  • Ropes practice improves balance, flexibility, stamina
  • Ropes allow us to stay longer in asana, so we can experience asana more deeply
  • Ropes help us develop courage to pursue poses that once seemed impossible
  • Ropes are fun!

*Space is limited: Please call 815-758-5508 to pre-register to make sure you have a spot in class!

Instructor: Beverlee Burke, RYT

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