Welcome to Our New Website!

Hurray! It’s here! Yes, it is quite different from the old website, but we are excited about all the new features and ways we can share information with you, and we hope you will find it an even greater resource!

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the five navigation buttons along the top right of your screen. Each button reveals a drop-down menu where you are able to select relevant pages. Getting around the site should be intuitive, but let’s take a minute to look at some of the newer site functions.

What/When/Where? Introducing Our New Calendar

Under the Classes button you will find options to view our Calendar, read Class Descriptions and Rates, and see what Workshops we have coming up. The Calendar represents one of the biggest changes to our site. A monthly calendar has replaced the former schedule. Underlined dates on the calendar mean days that contain classes, workshops, and special events. Entries show up just below the calendar, so remember to scroll down to see them!

  • By clicking on a date and scrolling down the page, you will see everything occurring that day.
  • On the left side of the calendar, the “View Week” button allows you to scroll down and view events for the entire week. Note the buttons “1, 2,  3” etc. just below the calendar; weeks that contain many events will not show all on one page but be spread across these pages.
  • The Event Audience box below the calendar replaces our old system for designating which classes are appropriate for which conditions (pregnancy, osteoporosis, limited floor ability, post-surgery, etc.) Use the default designation “All” to see everything.
  • The “filter by text” box allows you to limit what type of class you want to see. For example, typing “tai” into the box will show only Tai Chi classes; typing “stronger” into the box will show the instances of Stronger Bones, Stronger Body Yoga. Again, make sure the event audience box above this one says “All” in order to see everything.

Please take the time to experiment and acquaint yourself with the calendar’s functionality.  We will continue to have our traditional printed class schedules available in the clinic or by email request.

Read all about it: Our Blog

One of the great features of our site is that our news, our updates, our articles and resources are all contained in a blog format.  You are reading the blog portion right now! Having this format integrated with our site allows us to share information with you in a very fluid way, whether it’s news about an upcoming workshop, tips from one of our instructors, or a great article we’d like to share with patients.

To find the blog, go to our home page (wholept.com) and scroll down. To the right, you’ll see a “What’s New” column containing the latest entries. This same column will also be visible on the interior pages. At the bottom of this column, you will see the option to search for entries either by category or by date. “What’s New” will typically contain the most recent entries, so if you are looking for something we posted a few weeks back, simply click on the month you are looking for and browse the entries!

…And More!

Browsing the site you will find easy-to-print Patient Intake Forms, updated staff bios, a whole bunch of videos of your favorite physical therapists in action, and lots of resources on topics related to physical therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, and our classes. For example, our Services pages have sidebars containing Related Topics to that particular service. This may be the latest medical research supporting our work, or articles or videos to help patients better understand what we do.

All this is designed with you–our patients, students, and partners in care–in mind. Our mission is to help you reach your potential–your whole health, your whole life–and we designed our new website to support you in that endeavor. We hope you can get a lot of use from our site, and we’d love to hear what you think!


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