Welcome, Michael Reuland!

Maybe you’ve seen the new guy around here treating patients. Michael Reuland hails from Aurora, IL and graduated from Aurora Central Catholic in 2011, earning an associate degree from the College of DuPage in 2013. Michael completed his undergraduate education at NIU in 2015 and is currently in his third and final year of physical therapy school at Northern. In 2016, he became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and passed the Functional Movement Screen level 1 course. Creative Therapeutics is the last of his full time clinical rotations.

“My interest in physical therapy comes from my experience in athletics (particularly basketball and volleyball, which I still play),” says Mike. “I’ve always been interested in training and I enjoy reading, so the work involved in physical therapy seemed like a natural fit. Being able to help people get back to activities they enjoy is a rewarding process. I’ve had a great time at Creative Therapeutics so far and plan to make the most of my time here.”

Michael also enjoys cooking and outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hunting, depending on the season. He has a couple big milestones ahead: not only will he be graduating from NIU PT this May, he also became engaged to his fiancée last October, with their wedding fast approaching this year at the end of November. We appreciate Mike’s easygoing demeanor and thoughtful approach to his practice. Congrats on the big changes ahead, Michael, and welcome to Creative Therapeutics!

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