Welcome, Kristin Johnson!

Kristin Johnson is a certified personal trainer who you’ll be seeing around in a number of roles: helping with patients as a PT tech, teaching our Total Gym Gravity Classes, and helping individual clients reach their potential as a personal trainer. She officially takes over the schedule next week!

Kristin is a pre-physical therapy student who has worked in orthopedic clinics and as a trainer/fitness instructor.

Justin Hoffman, BS, Certified Personal Trainer

Those of you who have worked with trainer/instructor Justin Hoffmann know how busy his graduate work at NIU keeps him, and unfortunately his work load means he has to step down from his role here at Creative Therapeutics. Over the last year, Justin has been an integral part of our team, whether sharing his knowledge with students, clients and colleagues or putting together high-quality workshops for our community. We wish him the best of luck as he continues his career!

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