Welcome, Justin Hoffman!

Justin Hoffman, Personal Trainer

Our new personal trainer dove right in, taking over some Total Gym classes helping personal training clients, and even running our recent body rolling workshop. Justin Hoffman is currently a graduate student completing a Master of Science degree in exercise physiology and a certificate in sports psychology.  He graduated from Northern Illinois University in May of 2018 with a bachelor’s in kinesiology.

Justin is familiar with a wide range of athletic training and has a particular passion for endurance training. Justin is already planning a workshop series for endurance athletes that will cover a number of topics including nutrition, resting heart rate, lactate thresholds, injury prevention, and psychological skills training. Look for this series sometime in mid-summer. With a coaching background in swimming and running, he plans to continue coaching and eventually pursue a doctorate degree in sports psychology.  

Justin has a keen interest in the growing field of total body health and wellness. We’re enjoying the perspective he brings to work and looking forward to his contributions. For a personal training appointment with Justin, call us at 815-758-5508

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