Tuning into Your Body

Whether it’s that “a-ha!” moment many of our physical therapy pateints describe, the sense of peace and rejuvenation many discover through yoga or other exercise, or the mindfulness–being conscious of your own brain’s messages and patterns–that you  practice and hone during meditation, physical action can bring about simple, yet profound changes in the mind. A brief conversation with Beverlee about how one can walk into a yoga class in one frame of mind and leave class in a much different, much better state of mind led to her sharing this article. “Everything she mentions as a tool to direct your neurophysiology away from stress?” says Beverlee. “All yoga practices.”

We all cope with stress and other demands in our life. Being able to cope with them in a healthy, productive, non-destructive way is key and our ability to do so is not something we’re born with–it’s something we can learn and improve.

How Tuning In to Your Body Can Make You More Resilient


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