Thai Yoga with Moira O’Keefe Saturday, June 18

Saturday, June 18 | Contact Moira for available times*

Book a uniquely tailored Thai Bodywork or private Yoga session with Moira!2015_10-2 

Private Yoga sessions can: 

  •  Take your Yoga practice to the next level by helping you achieve your specific         “goal” poses such as arm balances, lotus, drop backs and more
  •  Help you to create a tailored home practice 
  • Offer techniques for addressing an injury or managing and reducing pain        and or stress 
  •  Limit progression of scoliosis and other spinal abnormalities
  •  Introduce new ways to use props such as wall ropes and bolsters 

Better then a full body massage…Thai Bodywork Sessions can: 

* release energetic blockages 
* increase flexibility 
* restore balance
* take your Yoga practice to a new level and help prevent injury 

A typical session involves gentle stretching, palm, thumb, foot and forearm pressure along energy lines, rhythmic rocking, joint compression, decompression, and more. All stretching and pressure is done within the comfortable tolerance of the client, and the work is performed on a futon on the floor. Wear loose comfortable clothing, as you will remain fully dressed for this full-body treatment. 

*Please schedule directly with Moira by email: or call 847-975-9642 to book your personalized session by June 15th

Spots available before 3:00 PM and after 5:00 PM

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