“I never thought I’d see the day”

Those words sum up my thoughts about my current physical situation.

I began using the services of Creative Therapeutics in 2003. A friend had
heard me talk about “what ailed me” and said, “You need to get to Lynn
Batalden. She can help you.” She has.

When I first went to Lynn for physical therapy for my back, she kept me
going for a couple of years. After a spine specialist and a back surgeon
had both told me my next step was spinal injections she joined the chorus
and refused to treat me any more until I had the recommended course of
injections. By that time I was at the point of needing to be constantly
bent 90 deg in the middle for pain relief. I could not even lie down to
get a massage. I had to stand up and lean over the table for support. For
many years I had refused injections into painful joints, failing to see
the benefit of sticking a needle into something that hurts already.  I did
finally get the injections and the combination of injections and PT
worked. Slowly the excruciating pain began to recede. But after years of
pain my muscles were shortened and stiffened – all drawn up. They were not
easy to release. It took years of PT and exercise classes.

Today I’m in the Total gym class on Tuesday and Friday, if I am in town. I
also do Gentle Yoga on Wednesdays. I was advised into these classes by CT
staff and the instructors always help me make
accommodations for whatever muscle or tendon I need to protect this month.
I have also lost over 100 lbs. in the past 6 years which makes moving
easier and joints less painful.

My favorite success story is noticing a lump in my arm while washing my
hair in the shower one day – about three months after beginning the total
gym class. It was frightening for a moment until I realized, “That’s a
muscle; I haven’t seen one of those (there) in 50 years!”

I could barely walk with the assistance of two canes or a rolling walker. Now I am stronger, straighter, taller, can lie flat, get up off a yoga mat by myself and regularly walk five to ten steps with no assistance at home. The support and skill of all the staff at Creative Therapeutics have contributed greatly to making that happen.   Oh, and did I mention I lost over a hundred pounds?

Carole M.

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