Telehealth Visits

While many of us look forward to returning to a more normal schedule of activity, many still aren’t comfortable leaving the house to visit public spaces, including those at higher risk for complications from the coronavirus. For any patients who can’t make it into our clinic for treatment, we offer telehealth services. We were a little skeptical at first, but it quickly became apparent how productive and effective these visits can be. If you feel it best to stay home, then you should stay home–happily, in many cases, that doesn’t mean you need to postpone treatment!

Much of an in-person visit consists of discussion of a patient’s situation and visual assessment of their musculoskeletal function. Telehealth works very well in both instances. Your physical therapist will be able to check on you, progress or change your treatment and offer self-care suggestions to keep you on track to getting better, faster.

Here, clinic director Lynn Batalden, DPT, OCS, briefly discusses the experience of telehealth and what you’ll need for a visit. Feel free to call our office at 815-758-5508 with any questions!

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