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Why Body after Baby?©

We treat many women who present a variety of conditions from pre- and postpartum to several years after giving birth. Safely gaining and building core strength is a common part of their treatment. Even if they don’t suffer from incontinence, …
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No Slouch: Laptop Posture Solutions

When it comes to communication and sharing information, more people today opt for the portability of laptops, tablets, and smart phones over desktop computers, despite the latter’s processing power and relative ergonomic soundness. Yet when it comes to real productivity–writing, …
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Body after Baby DVD now available!

Only $15! Please ask at the front desk if you’d like a DVD. Taking care of babies and small children can be overwhelming. The joy and wonder of watching little ones grow and adjust to their world mix with the …
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Yoga exercises for gardening

The gardening season is in full swing, but it’s not too late to get your body in better shape for it. Gardening demands heavy and sustained work at times, yet many of us who are gardeners are not necessarily in shape to do it. If you move your body well, you can use gardening as a way to improve the “core muscles” that everybody is talking about.
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