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En Pointe Readiness and Injury Prevention for Dancers

Lynn Batalden, DPT, OCS, is back on point helping dancers avoid injury en pointe (dancing on their toes). Back in May, Lynn did a survey of research to discover the answer to the question “When are young ballet dancers ready …
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Sam Eakes Participates in University Research Project

I love sports. I always have. As I got farther into my athletic career and then into my professional career, I began to develop a passion for sports from the rehabilitation side of things. The culture of sports is ever-changing: …
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Female Athletes through the Lifespan | Ages 4-10

As we grow and develop, our bodies undergo many changes. As women develop, hormonal changes can create conditions that put them at increased risk for injury compared to their male counterparts. In upcoming newsletters, we will feature different stages of …
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