Standing Desk Exercises

We’re hearing about more people choosing to work standing, rather than sitting at their workstations. Indeed, studies are grim for those who spend all day (and all night) seated–at desks, in cars, on couches, etc. We’ve reported on standing desks and other laptop workstation solutions a few months back. And early this month (Thursday, May 4), we’re presenting a free workshop focused on posture and what we can do to combat the effects brought on by a world dominated by computer, phone and TV screens.

Standing desks do indeed represent a healthier alternative to sitting. They can encourage less slumping and more activity–you might be more likely to get a drink of water or move about if you’re already up. Yet there are some drawbacks to standing all day, as well.¬†Glutes, hip and thigh muscles can become weak. Knees might lock. Forward hunching, particularly with the neck craning forward/down can lead to stiffness and soreness.

So here’s just a few exercises–the same we give to patients–to help you stay loose, relaxed and productive at your standing desk. Enjoy!

Standing Desk Exercises

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