Mechelle Larive: Other Team Members

Mechelle Larive has been working at the front desk at Creative Therapeutics¬† since July 2019. She and her husband moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Dekalb in September 2017.¬† They have four children, one of whom has two children of his own. Her grandson has affectionately named her “Nenee” while her newest granddaughter was just born last October. Since arriving in DeKalb they have been very busy with family, moves, jobs, church and fun. They wouldn’t have it any other way! They have acclimated themselves quite well and enjoy going to Chicago as time permits to visit another son and enjoy the city life. Tulsa is considered a small “big” city–everywhere you go you see someone you know; she finds it interesting that her Chicagoan son says the same of that city. She and her husband are creating a new life here full of adventure and enjoying the folks with whom they are sharing this adventure.