Body After Baby

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A labor of love developed by our physical therapists, our Body after Baby program is designed to help you gain strength and improve health after childbirth. Even if it has been years since you’ve giving birth, this program can successfully address many common post baby body issues in addition to helping you get back in shape.

Body after Baby DVDs available at our front desk.

What this program can do for you:

  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • Teach you how to take care of your body while caring for your children
  • Improve your posture
  • Help identify a diastasis recti
  • Improve emotional well being
  • Increase your energy
  • Stabilize your core
  • May help with bladder leakage problems
  • May help with lower back or pelvic pain

Our therapists have years of expertise in treating pregnant and postpartum women. Drawing on our clinical experience as well as current research, we designed Body after Baby in order to give women an alternative to other exercise classes that may not be addressing the core of the issues they may be facing.

Recommended accessories: Dumbells or other handweights up to 5 lbs. Rubber resistance bands.


0:00:  Introduction

1:50: Posture Education and Everyday Movement

22:56: Week 1 Exercises

52:03: Week 2 Exercises

1:29:48: Week 3 Exercises

1:59:49: Week 4 exercises

A Note about Kegels

Kegel exercises are not demonstrated on our video, but they are an integral part of a healthy postpartum recovery (and pelvic floor health, in general). For more information on doing kegels, click here.

Diastasis and Exercise

Diastasis Recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles, is a condition that affects many women during and after pregnancy. For more information about doing Body after Baby core exercises and diastasis, click here.

Also, view Support Amendment to the Illinois Physical Therapy Act

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