Sam Eakes Graduates DeKalb Leadership Academy

Last month, Sam Eakes, DPT, graduated from the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy. Over the course of a year, a 25-member class comprised of professionals from across the community meet once a month in different locations in the DeKalb/Sycamore area to learn about various sectors of the local economy such as industry, education, health care, non-profits, and government. During these classes, a number of guest speakers present topics or activities related to leadership, and by the end, participants have a pretty good idea of what their own strengths as a leader are, as well as areas in which they can grow.

Early in the experience, participants are required to propose a project that addresses a need in the community and present that proposal to the class. Later, the class votes for three projects and breaks into smaller groups to accomplish those projects (usually in the Spring of the following year). Sam’s group built wheelchair-accessible, raised garden beds for a community garden project.

Graduates of the DeKalb Leadership Academy are encouraged to volunteer, join boards and other organizations, and even run for office. It’s a great, pro-active group of over 200 people working to help others and develop our area. Sam is now a great memeber of that group, and we’re excited about what the future may hold!


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