Sam Eakes Attends Functional Mobilization Course

by Samantha Eakes, DPT

In early April I had the opportunity to travel to Denver, Colorado, for a continuing education course called Functional Mobilization I. The class presented an integrated approach to patient care with emphasis on soft tissue mobilization. In addition to soft tissue mobilization, it touched on using PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), joint mobilizations, and exercise to improve patient function.

I learned some new tests and new techniques to be used with my patients.  I was especially excited to improve my manual skills and return with new techniques I can put to use right away. These techniques can be applied to any person and any diagnosis but can be especially powerful at improving mobility to unlock strength potential. The techniques are great for those with restricted motion, poor posture, low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain among many other ailments.

I personally experienced an example of the potential for these new techniques when I was evaluated at the beginning of the course. We found that I was putting a significant less amount of weight through my right leg, resulting in significant gluteal atrophy on that side. I also had a significant spinal curve. By the end of the course I was putting equal weight through both legs, improved use of my gluteal muscles, and significantly improved my spinal posture. I also had automatically improved activation of my core muscles. These techniques can allow patients to feel an immediate change in their body.  I thought the course fit well with our mission here at Creative Therapeutics of helping patients realize their body’s potential and connect with the power they have to improve their own health.

Of course traveling to the mountains for a class wasn’t too shabby, either! The weather was great and I got the opportunity to travel up to Rocky Mountain National Park to hike and sightsee, went for a hike in Evergreen, CO, and caught a Rockies game with a childhood friend.

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