Research shows hip muscle weakness can result in improper knee joint mechanics leading to knee pain.

Prins MR, Van der Wurff P. Females with patellofemoral pain syndrome have weak hip muscles: A systematic review. Aust J physiother. 2009; 55: 9-15.

If you suffer from knee pain, it may be your actual knee joint is not the problem especially if you experience pain only with certain activities such as climbing stairs or squatting. It may be the pain you notice is coming from the knee cap as it glides on the front of your knee joint. This condition is called patellofemoral pain syndrome. Physical therapy has been shown to be effective in resolving this pain by strengthening specific hip muscles. Strengthening the hip muscles brings the knee cap into better alignment and resolves the pain. Physical therapists at Creative Therapeutics are able to assess your knee pain to determine if this is a factor in your pain. A series of treatments are often all that is needed to return you to an active, pain free lifestyle.

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