Postpartum Yoga

Saturdays 9:30-11:00 AM
Class Dates: Nov. 2

The postpartum period can be immensely rewarding and challenging in equal measure. Changes to both your body and your lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming. Yoga can help relieve tight muscles, release tension, calm nerves, boost energy, and calibrate and rebuild pelvic floor and abdominal muscles that have been tried and tested over nine months of supporting a heavy baby.

Instructor Amy Prais, RYT-500, is trained in Prenatal Yoga and understands the physical and emotional challenges facing new mothers. This practice will address some concerns for women who have recently given birth by acknowledging possible hormonal shifts and a recuperating body, and will also including modifications for women who are lactating and recovering from C-sections. However, this class will also work on general toning and stretching, overall body mechanics in order to build stability, and will highlight the importance of self-care, restoration, and emotional resiliency (even in the midst of sleep deprivation), and may support women years after giving birth (adoptive mothers also welcome!).

We are specialists in women’s health, so if you have any concerns about starting yoga after giving birth or any other conditions you feel might be an obstacle to your ability, please call us. We can help!

Class Dates: Aug. 31, Sept. 7, Sept. 28, Oct. 5, Oct. 19

Rates: $15 walk-in

$75 for 6 classes (you save $15!) Pay via Paypal (no account required):

Punch cards may also be used.

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