Is Personal Training Right for You?

Over the last few years, as traditional gym memberships have trended down, people are choosing personal training and small fitness classes in increasing numbers–and gyms have adapted to this choice. The reasons for this approach aren’t hard to understand. While hitting the weights and machines works great for the self-starters, others thrive with the instant feedback and encouragement provided by personal training. Being introduced to new (and appropriate) exercises and getting help working toward a goal helps keep them motivated, netting them real, bang-for-the-buck gains.

Some people’s personal training sessions are their regular exercise, and they like how their trainer brings in new variations and helps them reach new goals as they go. Others use their sessions as testing ground to develop a great, personal routine for themselves. Athletes use them to address a specific physical area or ability they wish to improve.

We know just getting started is the hardest part. That’s why we’re continuing our holiday specials for personal training!

Anna Coates knows her stuff. Yes, she holds certification from the American Council for Exercise–but she excels at understanding what an individual needs and how to help them get where they want to go. Working in close conjunction with our clinical staff, she brings friendly expertise and enthusiasm to her work as a trainer.

Our Personal Training Starter Package includes a one-hour evaluation plus two half-hour sessions for only $100.

During the evaluation, you’ll discuss your goals, try a few appropriate exercises to gauge the level you’re starting from, and begin a plan to address those goals. Remember, your goals are your goals: you can be as general or specific as you like, and proceed at the pace that works for you.

Our Five Days of Fitness Package includes five half-hour personal training sessions for only $125 (you save $25)! Take advantage of our new CoreAlign machine, Total Gym, and more with Anna’s guidance and encouragement! Call us today at 815-758-5508 to set up your first session or to ask questions!

“I help people build from the core out, creating stability and mobility before loading the body. I won’t make people do anything that isn’t safe or they aren’t comfortable with. I often work with people who don’t quite need physical therapy or have “graduated” from treatment but are not ready for a traditional gym.” ~Anna Coates, ACE Trainer

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