Research shows manual therapy techniques used in physical therapy treatments is an effective way to decrease pelvic pain in men.

Anderson RU, Wise D, et al. Integration of myofascial trigger point release and paradoxical relaxation training treatment of chronic pelvic pain in men. J Urol. 2005; 174: 155-160.

This study included 138 men with CP/CPPS who were treated for at least one month with the Myofasical trigger point release and paradoxical relaxation training protocol. Pelvic floor muscle trigger point release was performed as well as contract-relax techniques and strumming, skin rolling and effleurage. Treatments were done weekly for 4 weeks and biweekly for 8 more weeks. Paradoxical relaxation therapy includes 1 hour of individual verbal instructions and a supervised practice session at weekly intervals for 8 weeks in progressive relaxation exercises. Symptoms were assessed with a pelvic pain symptom survey (PPSS) and National Institute of Health-CP Symptom Index. Results showed 72% of patients reported moderately or markedly improved pain and urinary symptoms. This study indicates Myofascial trigger point release and relaxation therapy may be used as an effective therapeutic approach to manage chronic pelvic pain in men.

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