Lynn Batalden Achieves New Board Certification

Lynn Batalden, physical therapist, physical therapy, dekalb, IL

Lynn Batalden, DPT, OCS

Owner Lynn Batalden, DPT is now Lynn Batalden DPT, OCS, having just received board certification as an orthopedic clinical specialist.

Of the 12,448 licensed physical therapists in Illinois, only 4% of these are board certified in orthopedics. (In addition to Lynn’s specialization, Creative Therapeutics also boasts one of only 22 Womens Health Certified Specialists in Illinois: Jamie Justice). The type of practitioners that become board-certified are lifelong learners who prioritize staying current with advancements in PT practice. The specialist has to submit evidence of continued competency every three years and has to provide a case review demonstrating critical thinking and evidence of advanced practice.

Lynn took the year-long course and exam as part of her goal to ensure Creative Therapeutics maintains the highest level of clinical practice and to continue to design our programs based on research.  The exam focused her studies on orthopedics, which encompasses study of every joint in the body, putting the best and most current clinical evidence into practice. The experience opened her to new ways of evaluating and treating her patients. Lynn also had to find ways to incorporate intensive study into her already full schedule: “It was a difficult challenge and caused me to put a lot of my personal life on hold, and I owe a lot of gratitude to my husband for his support and encouragement and for his fantastic dinners.”

After the rigorous demands of the certification, Lynn is excited to put her new credentials to practice: “It’s a relief to have the exam behind me and get on with what I truly love to do–learn more about the practice of physical therapy through conversation with my colleagues, reading journal articles,  continuing coursework, and best of all learning from the best teachers, our patients.”

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