Holiday Donations for Guatemalan Book Drive

Pat Becky EnmaMany of you know that Pat Faivre, L.Ac and Becky Rogers, PTA, have been involved in a yearly mission to Guatemala through the work of friend Marie Emmer, where they provide health care for the people of the community of San Lucas Toliman. During their stay, they asked their translator, Enma (pictured here), the wife of a local hospital adminstrator, what else they could do to help. Enma stated that many children are unable to check books out of their small local library.

As a solution, they thought to create a book exchange through the small shop that Enma runs near the school. Each child would receive a book, and when they finished, they could bring it back and exchange it for another. Toward this end, Becky and Pat have been busy combing local booksales. However, traveling with bags full of books is difficult. Instead, they plan to visit the local bookstore in Guatemala City upon arrival in January to purchase most of the books. This helps support the local economy, as well as providing newer Spanish-language materials.

This year, Pat is asking for our help in donating funds (no books, please!) toward their purchase.  A $10 donation will go a long way toward providing the children with these materials. Please take some time to find the donation box in our waiting area to help Pat, Becky and Marie make the most of their trip!


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