Getting Active, Staying Active

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll have seen posts during our #FitFriday about how we, the staff, stay active. They’re not so much about exercise regimens as they are about simple choices. Staying active doesn’t need to involve a trip to the gym or even carving out your schedule but rather finding a place during your day for some movement.

Staying active doesn’t need to be complicated.

Whether it’s biking or walking to work, taking the stairs, parking in the back of the lot to walk, or even some at-the-desk stretches during the afternoon, making the choice to stay active doesn’t have to require enormous willpower. For our staff, finding time for activity was the most common obstacle. Busy days, after-work obligations, and unpredictable circumstances can all throw a wrench into our best intentions. So the trick is to look at your routines and figure out where you can squeeze in a few minutes of activity. Set up reminders on your smartphone or leave yourself a post-it reminder at your workstation to hold yourself accountable.

You can always check out our YouTube channel for ideas, or browse our video gallery here on the website. At Creative Therapeutics, movement is our passion and our mission. We are always looking for news ways the get you moving again, ways that meet you where you are and work for you in your life.

If you find yourself with the desire to get active, but don’t know where to start, our personal trainer, Justin Hoffman, is THE guy. As an experienced coach, not only is he familiar with just about every type of training (and the science behind it), one of his particular areas of interest involves figuring out how to keep you motivated. (He also teaches a heck of a Total Gym class!) Take advantage of his breadth of expertise in fitness and wellness! Call us at 815-758-5508 to set up a session with Justin. Better health begins here!

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