FREE Classes & Workshops at CT during Get Active Week!

We’re proud to have been selected as a partner during Get Active Week, a county-wide wellness initiative led by Live Healthy DeKalb County. To help celebrate, we are offering two free workshops, along with an expanded schedule of free classes for everyone, including our regular students–May 18-25!

Read our Class Descriptions here.

Note: Total Gym Gravity Strength and Conditioning space is limited–call 815-758-5508 to reserve your spot!

Sat., May 188:00-9:15 AMPrenatal Yoga
 9:30-10:30 AMCore Exercises Workshop
 11:15-12:30 PMYoga Level 2
Monday, May 206:15-6:45 AMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 5:00-5:30 PMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 5:15-6:30 PMYoga-All levels
 5:45-6:15 PMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
Tuesday, May 215:30-6:00 AMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 6:15-6:45 AMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 9:15-10:00 AMMen’s Fitness
 10:30 AM-NoonGentle/Beginning Yoga
 12:15-12:45 PMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 4:30-5:15 PMPelvicore Core Strengthening
 6:00-7:30 PMGentle/Beginning Yoga
Weds., May 229:30-10:45 AMYoga–All Levels
 5:45-6:45 PMYoga–All Levels
Thurs., May 235:30-6:00 AMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 6:15-6:45 AMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 10:30 AM-NoonGentle/Beginning Yoga
5:00-5:45 PMPelvicore Core Strengthening
 5:15-5:45 PMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
 6:00-7:00 PMBody Rolling Workshop
Friday, May 24 11:30 AM-Noon Total Gym (call to reserve!)

12:15-12:45 PMTotal Gym (call to reserve!)
Sat., May 258:00-9:15 AMPrenatal Yoga
 11:15-12:30 PMYoga Level 2
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