Get the jump on those New Year’s resolutions and try any and all our classes this week–FREE!  Click our Classes tab to check out our Calendar, Class Descriptions, and Staff to read about our classes and instructors. Click this button to see this week’s schedule at a glance:



If you have any physical concerns or goals, please be sure to discuss them with your instructor prior to class.

Don’t let those New Year’s resolutions nag at you! Need to firm up that midsection? Pelvicore Core Strengthening is back–a fun and fast way to get the thighs, abs, hips, and bottom back into fighting form in 45 minutes!

We will be adding extra sections of Total Gym Gravity. Right now we have added Tuesday (Jan. 6) 1:00-1:30 PM and Friday (Jan.9) 11:30-12:00. Call or check the website for any further additions, and remember our Total Gym package special runs through Free Week!

Guided Meditation returns for an eight-week session. We had enjoyedBharat Kalra‘s monthly classes, but last Fall, we took the full session. Bharat refines and builds on the techniques from week to week, and soon you look forward to your own daily practice. Relaxation and stress reduction is just the beginning of a profound journey!

Pommy Macfarlane brings her expertise back to co-teaching Becky’s Boot Camp alongside Becky Rogers! Good luck corralling this group, Pommy–this is the wildest bunch we’ve got!


Yoga has been an integral component of our mission here for years, and in addition to finding the finest certified instructors, we are always trying to offer new classes and workshops. All our instructors are happy to work around your concerns or limitations-this is what we do! Don’t let those limitations stop you!

We wish longtime instructor Jill Browne a full and speedy recovery and great quality time with family-we know Jill will return raring to go and better than ever!

Until that day, we are really excited to introduce Jennifer Houdek, who will be taking over Jill’s Monday Yoga for Health and Happinessevening class. Jennifer is a longtime yoga student also certified to teach, and the early reviews are in-she’s doing a great job! Thank you, Jennifer!

Jill’s Tuesday Stronger Bones, Stronger Body class will be covered by Beverlee Burke. A self-described “anatomy geek,” Beverlee combines a breadth of experience with a gentle, attentive approach that we think is a wonderful complement to Jill’s own style.

Beverlee’s Exploring Yoga continues on Tuesday evenings, and the title couldn’t be more apt. Beverlee truly explores many aspects of yoga, using all the tools at her disposal-ropes, bolsters, chairs, blankets. At the end of a Beverlee class, you really feel like you’ve “gone places!” Beverlee also teaches a Beginning Yoga class on Thursday mornings. As an added bonus, at the end of each month, Beverlee treats her class to a restorative yoga session.

Allison Johnson combines a laid-back, helpful approach with a wonderful blend of Hatha and Vinyasa styles. Her Thursday eveningHatha Restore class is meant to help you wind down from your busy work week, while her Saturday morning Hatha Flow class gets the blood pumping while bringing serenity to your Saturday!

New-Power Yoga! Some people have been looking for a more vigorous yoga practice, so we have just added a Power Yoga class with instructor Amy Prais Wednesday evenings at 5:30. This is a shorter class based on Vinyasa flow style-yoga, so you can get your mojo workin’ and get on with your evening. Amy is an outgoing and energetic instructor, and we’re so happy to have her join us! Try out Power Yoga during Free Week!

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