Creative Therapeutics-DPT COVID-19 Update

Physical therapy and massage therapy remain in full effect. We are considered an essential service during this time, and people who have conditions that do not require emergency care may still come to us for therapy. Remember you have the right to choose us as your physical therapist, and Direct Access makes it as simple as calling us for an appointment. As a medical clinic, we are in compliance with all CDC guidelines for infection control, and maintain a rigorous, regular cleaning schedule. ALL contact surfaces are cleaned immediately with patient use.

Telehealth – For those who are not able to come into the clinic for treatment, we offer telehealth services (click link for more information). Telehealth can be a very effective tool to help you maintain progress in therapy and for your therapist to visually assess how you are doing. All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection. Our office can help get you set up for your first telehealth visit.

Personal Training – Looking for a way to exercise tailored to your goals and lifestyle? Certified personal trainer Kristin Johnson is ready to help you on your way! We are once again be able to see personal training clients beginning this month. Proper distancing will be observed. While it is rarely full of people, we do not allow more than 10 people in our gym at one time; and our classroom stands ready for individual client use, as well.

Classes – We really miss our instructors and students! However, due to both state guidelines and our own safety concerns we are not yet ready to return to afull, regular class schedule. At the moment, we’re thinking (depending on class size and instructor readiness) small classes may pick up again by mid-summer. This situation is fluid, so continue to check with us here and on social media for updates as it develops.

Workshops – Like classes, we’ve had to put our workshops on hold, too, such as our seasonal restorative yoga workshops. It would be wonderful to be able to return to that by the fall! As activity resumes, we will once again look for opportunities to program health and wellness-related events and bring in community partners. We know many were looking forward to guest yoga instructor Linda Karl’s Prime of Life Yoga offering, which has been scheduled and rescheduled a few times, now. Thanks to everyone for your patience; we’re now hoping Oct. 17 (fingers crossed!) may be the date that sticks for P.O.L.Y.

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