Creative Therapeutics at DeKalb Public Library’s Grand(er) Opening

DKPLnewSaturday, Sept. 10 | 9:00 AM-2:30 PM

The DeKalb Public Library has seen some big changes over the last year, and this grand project sees completion with the joining of the brand new structure with the grand(er) (re-)opening of the newly-remodeled old building.

As supporters of the library, we are proud to be representing Creative Therapeutics with a table at the grander opening on this date. If you haven’t seen the new library, you really should stop in: it’s a beautiful new jewel in DeKalb’s crown and a great testament to our community’s value of lifelong learning.¬†Our new library is going to be a tremendous resource for years to come.

Facebook Event page for DeKalb Public Library

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