Introducing Core & More!

solar core igniteCenter. Foundation. Power. Stability. Core.

At Creative Therapeutics, we are always talking about the core. From climbing stairs to carrying bags, swinging a golf club or sorting laundry, our core muscles are the driver and foundation of most of our movements. Our core muscles provide power and stability in so many situations. Yet our core can often be our most neglected area, even when we exercise. Even people who participate in “boot camp”-style classes find this area somewhat overlooked.

Enter our Core & More Camp. We designed this fun (yet intense) class to strengthen all the core muscles while providing a challenging cardio workout at the same time, targeting those abs, thighs, glutes, hips, and lower back. This class is based on our Pelvicore Strength and Conditioning class, but will incorporate other types of exercises as we progress.

Best of all, class takes place Monday and Wednesday morning from 5:45-6:30 am, allowing people time to get in a great workout and still go about their busy day.

Don’t ignore the core! Challenge a friend to come and attend! Class begins March 16.

Instructor: Jessica Holloway
2-9 classes: $8 each
10-14 classes: $7
Walk-in rate: $10.00

Register now and save even more!



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