Connections: All about the Knee

Weds. April 13, 6:00-7:30 PMKnee Image

The knee is the largest joint in the body. This elegant, complicated structure does a lot of work while supporting our weight. Knee problems can affect people of every age, and sometimes the causes of knee pain are unexpected. Join us for a free, informal evening as we discuss this important but often misunderstood joint.

Physical therapists are experts in musculoskeletal movement, and we treat people with knee issues every day. We’ll talk about how the knee functions both on its own and in connection with neighboring joints and muscles. What is “normal” and when should you seek treatment? Might surgery be necessary? What happens after injury or surgery? We’ll discuss some common knee problems, and talk about ways to stretch and strengthen the knee to prevent future injury.

All about the Knee is the second event in our Connections Series, focusing on specific joints in the body. These events are always free and open to the public. Bring your questions!

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