Chakra Harmony Workshop


Chakra Harmony is cancelled this time. Sorry for any inconvenience!chakras4Jim Titschler returns with his buoyant spirit for another unique workshop created to harmonize the body’s energy centers (or chakras).  Jim designed the class to assist the body in releasing stagnant energy, refilling it with clean, fresh, healthy prana. Many different healing modalities are used. First, custom blended essential oils are applied, to increase the receptivity of the chakras and energy body. Then, pranayama (breathing) is used to prepare for the session. Specific yoga postures are employed to stimulate the release of negative energies and emotions. Sound and music are also employed in the process. Read more about Jim and his work here.

Always a great way to cap off a busy week and get settled for the weekend! 6:00-8:00 PM at Creative Therapeutics.


Call or stop in to enroll, or simply click the Paypal link, below, to enroll online (no Paypal account required!)


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