Celebrating Local Health Awareness Week

September 11-17, 2017

From the uncertainty caused by political schisms that seem to sabotage any sensible progress to the almost monolithic advance of “Big Data” in medical and commercial fields, we’d be forgiven thinking the very term health care, itself, was a major cause of stress! In times like this, we need to remember that we, ourselves, are still our own best advocates for our health.

Here in the DeKalb/Sycamore area, we really are fortunate to have a good number of local businesses and practitioners who don’t just share this view, but work to provide the spaces, products, and opportunities to help you achieve your optimal health. To them, you are a not just a number–you are a neighbor. These businesses make it their mission to provide you with quality–quality service, quality products, quality experience and expertise, built on serving, educating, and respecting the community to which they belong.

Creative Therapeutics is proud to have been asked to be part of a  Local Health Awareness Week Sept. 11-17. Participating businesses are offering deals, discounts, and specials on goods and services during this week. The point is to showcase some of the local businesses working hard to bring their vision of health to you.

Our friends at Grassroots Juicery & Cafe spearheaded this project. Check out this post for more detail and info.

For our part, we offer a free class from our daily schedule to any first-time student: choose from a variety of yoga, Total Gym Gravity*, Pelvicore Core Strength (view our Current Schedule here).

While the DeKalb County area boasts many more practitioners, businesses, and individuals who share our vision for a vibrant, healthy community, here is a list of particpating businesses for Local Health Awareness Week:

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