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Prehab: Why it Works

Prehabilitation, or prehab, provides a proactive solution to help you get better faster. Here are a few examples of how we can view prehab it in practice. People often don’t realize how much their bodies have changed and compensated to …
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Yoga: Seed and Field

Recently, Lynn Batalden, PT, DPT, OCS, RYT, put together a special yoga sequence for our DeKalb Chamber of Commerce‘s Gather women’s group. We thought you might enjoy this nearly half-hour sequence, which begins with some restorative floor movements, builds to …
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Got “Tech Neck?”

Americans are spending an average of six hours a day with digital media. We are on our smart phones at work, running errands, at restaurants and at home. This constant engagement with our phones, computers and TVs very often leads …
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Meet Ismael Munoz

My name is Ismael Munoz, and I am a tech for Doctors of Physical Therapy, working part of the week here at Creative Therapeutics. I split my time between DeKalb and our clinic in Geneva. My role is to assist …
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Telehealth Visits

While many of us look forward to returning to a more normal schedule of activity, many still aren’t comfortable leaving the house to visit public spaces, including those at higher risk for complications from the coronavirus. For any patients who …
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Creative Therapeutics-DPT COVID-19 Update

As we enter the month of June, here are some updates regarding our clinical and client services.
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Classes Update

UPDATE: All classes and workshops have been suspended at least through June in accordance with current guidelines. Physical therapy is considered an “essential healthcare service”; therefore, physical therapy (and massage therapy) treatment will continue without interruption.

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Lower Crossed Syndrome: Addressing a Common Condition

Holly Dybas, DPT, introduces a new series on social media addressing a common condition for people with low back pain and tight hips called lower crossed syndrome.
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Stress and Your Body: Building Awareness

Our nervous system produces a biological response to stress. Learn how this works, what types of stress require different responses, and how to manage stress being experienced.
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Update on Amy Prais’s Classes

Good News! Amy Prais, RYT, will resume her Monday evening Yoga–All Levels class beginning Monday, Feb. 3, 5:15-6:15 PM, keeping class at an hour and working back up to 75 minutes when she feels up to it. Yoga Nidra will …
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