Cara Cazier Returns from Nairobi

Cara Cazier, physical therapy, dekalb, ILOur team was short one member during the first few weeks of the year as Cara Cazier traveled to her hometown of Nairobi, Kenya over the holidays. During her stay Cara had the opportunity to volunteer at a community nursing home–a chance to apply some of her experience observing and working with physical therapists at Creative Therapeutics.

While at the nursing home, Cara volunteered with therapists and health professionals of various backgrounds and nationalities. Rehabilitation volunteers come in twice a week and residents look forward to their visits. Warm greetings were shared before residents were led through physical therapy exercises, similar to those taught by Lynn Batalden, Jamie Justice, Samantha Eakes, and Anna Coates. Singing and dancing is common during these exercises–that’s just how they do it in Nairobi!

Cara returned to DeKalb with excellent news: she has committed to NIU’s doctorate of physical therapy program following her undergraduate commencement this Spring. We’re very excited for her! Congratulations, Cara!

Residents sing as they work through exercises at the parallel bars.

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