Bridging Traditional and Complementary Medicine: A Panel Discussion

Wednesday, Feb. 4   6:30-8:30 PM

bridgeSome distrust modern medicine, with its emphasis on medicating symptoms. Others believe their doctor’s opinion is sacrosanct, scoffing at natural remedies, skeptical of a complementary approach. These days, the worlds of traditional and complementary medicine are not so far apart. Many physicians are integrating preventative alternatives ranging from nutritional choices to new vistas in mental health care alongside traditional  treatment approaches.

Integrative medicine encompasses a broad range of topics. When should pharmaceuticals play a role in healing and maintenance? At what point might surgery be necessary? How can food and water be seen as “medicine?” Why is the connection between our brain and our body so important? Are we over-reliant on antibiotics?

These are important questions all must consider, and this evening a diverse panel of experts discuss their thought process and approach, recent research, and answer your questions about integrative medicine and evolving health care philosophies.

This is an informal event that is free and open to the public! Come with your questions, concerns, and curiosity!

Shaun Mathen, DO, KishHealth System

Patricia Faivre, LAc, Acupuncture Health Center

Sue Ouellette, LMFT, Marriage, Family and Personal Counselor

Jo Cessna, The Natural Cook

Lynn Batalden, DPT, Creative Therapuetics, Moderator


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