Body Rolling Workshop

Thursday, May 23 |6:00-7:00 PM

For those of us who don’t have our own personal massage therapist at home, the simple foam roll can be an amazingly effective form of self-care. In this free GetActive Week workshop, you’ll learn how to use foam rolls and other tools to roll out tender points in muscles and loosen your fascial tissues while increasing circulation. We’ll show you how to follow lines of tissue and muscle synergists for a more complete release of tension.

Great for athletes, runners, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages–but also handy for the everyday person just looking for ways to roll out the tension on the living room floor after a long day.

They say misery loves company! Feel free to bring your own roll (we’ll provide them, as well). Let’s have fun & “feel the pain” in this unique workshop!

Presented by Justin Hoffman, Certified Personal Trainer, Creative Therapeutics

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