Body after Baby DVD now available!

Only $15! Please ask at the front desk if you’d like a DVD.

Taking care of babies and small children can be overwhelming. The joy and wonder of watching little ones grow and adjust to their world mix with the stresses and fatigue of the work involved. Through it all, new moms often put taking care of themselves on the backburner as they run errands, nurse, clean and care for babies. Sore backs and stiff joints become par for the course, with memories of exercise relegated to a past life.

That’s why we created Body after Baby, a comprehensive exercise and education program designed to help moms ¬†get back to shape after giving birth, stay as pain-free as possible through the hard work of raising kids, and demonstrate safe, ergonomic ways to accomplish everyday tasks.

Our DVD allows mom to stretch and exercise while baby takes a nap or sits next to her in the bouncy seat. The exercise program is broken into four weeks’ worth of routines, each building on the next. In addition, the DVD contains a segment on “home ergonomics.” Whether nursing, putting the little one into her crib, carrying a car seat to and from the vehicle, or giving baby his bath, we’ll demonstrate the best ways to accomplish daily¬†tasks while keeping those aches and pains away.

Designed by our physical therapists and hosted by Jamie Justice, DPT, WCS, our Body after Baby DVD provides a safe, affordable way to care for yourself (these DVDs also make great gifts!) And of course, if you have questions about any aspect of the program, please call us! We are your partners in women’s health, and we are here for you!

Also available as a digital download! Click link below to purchase download.

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