Massage Therapy: Beyond Simple Relaxation

Erica Vega, LMT

The stereotype of people receiving massage therapy for pampering on special occasion is simply that—a stereotype. The truth is massage therapy can have real, lasting benefits on all sorts of ailments from depression to low back pain to migraines to device-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or “tech neck” (forward head posture).

As a therapeutic measure, a skilled massage therapist will work with you and your body to identify and relax tense areas of the body. Not only does it feel phenomenal, it has amazing benefits.

Massage increases circulation—not just of blood but of lymph too. This means excessive fluid can be picked up through the lymphatic system and removed from tissue and eventually the body. And by increasing blood flow throughout the body, more oxygen is brought to cells and more waste product (like carbon dioxide) is able to leave the cell. This simple act allows the natural body processes to engage and function more optimally, leaving you in a great state of health and in greater chances of diminishing any pain you may have had.

Pain is a sensation we all experience throughout our lifetime. Remember that pain is simply a signal from your nervous system that there is tissue damage. Pains sends a message that something needs to be corrected to prevent further damage.

Depending on the cause of the pain, massage can assist in pain management by soothing the nervous system—and in some cases—alleviating the cause of pain (if it is muscular in nature, such as a pinched nerve or overly contracted pecs).

Massage is not for the rich and famous. It is not just for your birthday or Mother’s Day or date night. Regular massage therapy can have such profound impact on both physical and mental/emotional health that you’d probably wonder why you didn’t incorporate it as a staple in your health care regimen.

You get yearly check-ups with your Primary Care Physician. You see your dentist every 6-months. Why not visit your massage therapist every month?

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