Beverlee “Dives Deep” into Yoga with Renowned Instructor

Beverlee Burke, yoga, physical therapy, dekalb, ILWhile they may seem to be the picture of health and serenity, even yoga instructors need a break, from time to time. But not a break from yoga, of course!

This July*, Beverlee Burke takes a trip to Albequerque, NM, to continue her study with internationally-known instructor, Donna Farhi. Beverlee first studied with Farhi in 1999, and relishes the opportunity to catch one of her workshops when the American-born but New Zealand-based Farhi visits stateside.

Donna Farhi is one of the most sought-after guest instructors in the world. The author of several well-known books on yoga (her The Breathing Book is available to you in our Creative Therapeutics library), her latest is called Pathways to a Centered Body:  Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain, and Moving with Ease.

When asked why she enjoys studying with Farhi so much, Beverlee replies

“I find her approach to yoga to be in step with mine:  that we dive deeply into what we feel in asana, physically, emotionally and mentally, that we follow our breath and appreciate the wisdom of our bodies moving.  Donna’s work is grounded in Iyengar yoga, but informed by her work with more subtle aspects of movement. I always bring back some new insight into my practice and my teaching when I study with Donna.  She doesn’t come to the States often, so I feel lucky to have gotten a space in this workshop.”

Wish Beverlee a great trip! We love that our yoga instructors have always had such a strong commitment to deepening their understanding of yoga and broadening their practice. Which means we’re lucky, too!

*Alas, this means Beverlee will not be teaching a ropes yoga class in July!


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