Beginning Core Exercises

Thursday, Jan. 10 | 6:00-7:00 PM | FREE

Michael Reuland, DPT, CSCS

The third installment of our Core Concepts Series finds us integrating the breathing and posture principles we’ve learned to learn some foundational core exercises. (Don’t worry if you haven’t attended the previous workshops–we’ll catch you up!) As physical therapists, we are always emphasizing the importance of core stability to any functional, daily movement. Not only can learning how to engage the core help you heal more efficiently, it can help prevent future injury and improve your quality of life.

Many of these exercises can be done just about anywhere! We will demonstrate variations for different abilities–how to make them simpler or more challenging according to your ability. Our workshop is free and open to the public. Wear comfortable clothes and take advantage of our knowledge and experience by bringing your questions!

Save the Date: Join us for our final Core Concepts installment, Advanced Core Exercises, Thursday, Feb. 7 | 6-7:00 PM!

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