You, as a Whole

Erica Vega, LMT

We’re proud of our team here at Creative Therapeutics. Our office staff, our therapists and our expert instructors–we all learn from each other and pull toward the same mission: providing innovative care by looking at your whole person and providing you the tools to not just get better but to stay better, and thrive.

Massage therapist Erica Vega is part of that team–passionate about her work and pursuit of knowledge in her field. She also happens to be quite the wordsmith! We asked her to share some thoughts about what we do here, and why.

Here at Creative Therapeutics, we practice integrative medicine. This has more to do with philosophy than anything else. As a healing-oriented approach, our services go beyond helping you to be not-sick. We are interested in your healing—your complete healing. The word itself suggests this: Integrative. Integrated. Integer. Whole.

We are not only treating the whole person, but we are also treating each person as whole. We approach your healthcare with you, as a person, at the center—instead of your dysfunction or pain as the central component. We know you are far more than your current presentation of symptoms.

We see you as an individual. We know what works for one patient will not necessarily transfer to you. We exhaust all options within our means and approach you and your health with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Nothing is ever “wrong” with you, not in the deepest, spiritual sense. Instead, you are presenting with XYZ. It is not “wrong” or “bad.” It is simply a fact. It is how you are, right here and right now. And chances are it’s not how it has always been and it’s most likely not how it will always be.

That is what healthcare truly is for us. It’s about you and your wholeness. It’s about accepting what is and moving towards a new way of moving and being in your body. Health is not about having a perfect body that functions perfectly. It’s more about being whole, feeling complete, functioning optimally–no matter the external environment nor state of the body. Helping people understand this is not always easy. Often it takes getting our clients to an “A-ha!” moment when they can feel the change taking place. Being an integral part of that process is what drives my work as a massage therapist, and our mission here at Creative Therapeutics.

Erica Vega, LMT, is available for massage appointments Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Call 815-758-5508 to schedule yours!

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