Yogis in Training

Over that last few months, owner Lynn Batalden, DPT, and bookkeeper/CFO Cindy Benard have been training for certification as yoga instructors. The two sisters share a mutual interest in yoga, and this training not only offers a chance to deepen their knowledge and practice, but spend time with each other and family in their hometown of Crystal Lake during the intense, monthly weekend-long training.

Cindy has attended yoga classes for almost twenty years, but has been surprised at the breadth of knowledge the training entails. “I just thought of yoga as good exercise,” she says, “but it’s really an entire system, a way for people to achieve things in life.” She says she’s been especially interested in the Ayurvedic principles concerning diet. “It’s a very different way of thinking about food to what we learn growing up. Just thinking of eating in ways that don’t cause your digestive system to work too hard, or mixing foods in ways that actually prevent you from getting the nutritional benefits. It’s been eye-opening!”

Lynn pioneered the use of yoga in conjunction with a physical therapy practice in our area, so she’s always been aware of the physical benefits of yoga and the anatomical principles behind them. Regular readers also know we stress the connection between the brain and the body, which is the very meaning of he word, yoga (to ‘yoke together,’ or connect, mind to body, body to breath, etc.) So for Lynn, this training is a chance to refine her practice even further. “The way a good teacher, like the ones we have here at CT, thoughtfully sequences poses, so that one sets the stage for the next that follows, is something that resonates with me as a PT. More and more, when a patient comes in with a certain condition, I might say ‘There’s usually several exercises we might try during treatment, but if I do this one before that one, I’ll be better able to gauge their ability and we’ll get a better outcome.” Lynn also enjoys being able to spend extra time with Cindy, their parents, and their other sisters’ families because the training is in their hometown.

Cindy and Lynn expect to become certified in May of this year. In addition to being able to support our regular, expert instructors, we’re hoping to dream up new workshops or other opportunities to introduce this gently effective, sometimes misunderstood approach to well-being to the community. Namaste!

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