Welcome, Michael Reuland–again!

Deja vu?

Well, sort of. You see, back when we wrote that first post, we were introducing Michael Reuland, the physical therapy student who was here at Creative Therapeutics on his final clinical rotation before graduating with his DPT from NIU.

You see, we like Mike. And we’re pretty sure Mike likes us, because when we offered him a position as a physical therapist here on staff after graduation, he accepted!

So this time, we’re introducing our newest physical therapy staff member, Michael Reuland!¬† Those of you who have worked with Mike understand why we offered him a job. More than anything, he is a great advocate for his patients. His¬†professional goals include continuing training in manual therapy, continuing kettlebell training and additional certifications and working on balance and fall prevention.

I’m excited to start working at Creative Therapeutics because of the friendly and professional staff and their focus on one on one treatment and the holistic approach to healthcare and healthy lifestyles. I look forward to starting my career with a good group of mentors and making a difference in the community.”

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