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Introducing CoreAlign®

Physical therapy conferences always have vendors demonstrating the latest products. Reactions usually vary from “It’s great but we already have something like this” to “Cool–maybe someday!” One typically attends these conferences for the education and the networking; browsing the vendors …
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Bringing the Ankle to Heal

Ankle sprain is an incredibly common injury that most people allow to heal on its own.  In over 800,000 patients who reported for assessment of lateral ankle sprain, only 11% had rehabilitation codes associated with them (2016). So is ankle …
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Back Pain and State-of-the-Art Medicine

With the advent of functional MRI (fMRI), research study of the human brain has advanced, and we are beginning to understand more about how our perceptions shape our healing process. It turns out that our perception of pain—not just the …
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Young Athletes and Specialization: What Parents Should Know

Chances are, you already know that youth participation in sports has many benefits, including providing consistent exercise, promoting overall health, teaching teamwork, leadership, discipline, self-esteem, peer socialization, and an opportunity for fun.  Despite these many benefits, the trend towards early …
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Walk & Roll for Mobility 2017

Saturday, Sept. 23 | 8:30-10:30 AM   It’s easier than ever to pre-register for the event! Sign up here: Walk & Roll 2017 Sign-Up  or call 815-758-5508 and just let us know who will be attending. You’ll be entered into our …
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The Body of the Harpist: Physical Therapy and the Arts

Performing artists often become accustomed to the tension they place on their bodies while practicing or developing a technique over long periods of time. This tension can lead to repetitive strain injury, which in turn limits the artist’s ability to …
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Free Posture Workshop

Thursday, May 4 | 6:00-7:30 PM Slouching. Slumping. Locking our knees. Hunching over our phones. Most of us know we’ve developed some bad habits over the years. But how do these habits affect us, long term–and what can we do …
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Welcome to Jennesa Miller!

In the coming months, you’ll see a new face among the physical therapists at Creative Therapeutics: student clinical observer, Jennesa Miller. Jennesa attended Augustana College to purse a bachelor’s degree in biology, with a focus on pre-medicine. However, after sustaining …
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No Slouch: Laptop Posture Solutions

When it comes to communication and sharing information, more people today opt for the portability of laptops, tablets, and smart phones over desktop computers, despite the latter’s processing power and relative ergonomic soundness. Yet when it comes to real productivity–writing, …
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Walk and Roll for Mobility Sept. 17!

^Click  picture to play video^ Are You Ready to Walk and Roll? On Saturday, September 17, two independent, privately-owned physical therapy clinics will host “Walk & Roll for Mobility,” a walk from Creative Therapeutics on Hillcrest to Northern Rehab Physical …
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