Anna Celeste Coates, ACE Trainer, Tech: Class Instructors, Other Team Members

Anna Coates received her Bachelor of Science in 2015 from Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy.  Anna joined the Creative Therapeutics team after observing in our clinic for more than eight months and enjoys serving clients through multiple roles in the clinic, including physical therapy technician, receptionist, and personal trainer/class instructor.  She is a 2018 graduate of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy. Anna received her Personal Training Certificate through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in August of 2015. Working alongside our clinic’s physical therapists has added to Anna’s knowledge of body mechanics and makes it a point to focus and achieve good body mechanics for each patient and student in all exercises.  She is able to make modifications to accommodate each individual’s abilities, helping the client to  strengthen in a pain-free range.   She is very hands on and believes that the more people know and understand about the human body, how it works and how it should work, the more power they have to make themselves stronger.  Anna strives to make her workouts very applicable to everyday living, focusing on strengthening the core and stabilizing muscles to bring about better posture and bio-mechanics.  

Her upbeat spirit welcomes students of any level of ability into the classroom/gym and helps them to feel right at home, even if they haven’t been to a gym in years!  Anna’s encouraging words are uplifting, giving students a good push to go farther. Her style combines visual, verbal, and hands-on cues, and our students testify to her teaching talents.  Those seeking better health through customized instruction and individualized care can optimize their success with Anna Coates.