Recommended Reading for July

Normally, we share articles we think you might enjoy through our Facebook and Instagram accounts (please “like” and follow us!) This month, we came across a few things and thought we’d share via our newsletter/blog.

First, Lynn recommends an article in Neurology Now entitled “Brain Food” that looks at how dietary choices help the brain function better and in some cases, can benefit certain neurological conditions (e.g. Alzheimer’s, stroke, ADHD, to name a few). To do so, they review recent research to determine what, if any, benefits can be derived from certain foods. The article is written for a general audience. Neurology Now is an excellent magazine, and it offers free subscriptions.

Next, Beverlee wanted to share a recent article from Consumer Reports regarding ways to treat back pain that do not involve drugs or surgery. Needless to say, we provide several of these alternatives here at Creative Therapeutics, and consider it part of our mission to help educate people about these therapies. The opioid epidemic (or opioid crisis) has been in the news a lot, recently, so an article like this comes along at just the right time.

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