Anna Coates Completes Leadership Project

As part of my year-long commitment as a student in the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy, I had to propose a project that filled a community need and was sustainable beyond just my class year. The Friends of Literacy …
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Samantha Eakes attends Shoulder and Knee Course

A couple weeks ago I attended a continuing education course titled “The shoulder and knee: What they don’t teach you in school.” This course focused on thinking about treatment of the knee and shoulder in ways that we may not have in the past. The instructor presented updated …
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Commencement Exercises (What we’ve been up to recently)

Education is a Creative Therapeutics core value; it is an essential part of who we are and what we do. Our patients learn how their body works, how to use their bodies more efficiently, how to maintain them and avoid …
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Female Athletes through the Lifespan: Adolescents (ages 11-17)

For our first article on female athletes ages 4-10, click here. As boys and girls enter adolescence, a variety of changes occur with the onset of puberty. Puberty for girls can begin anywhere from ages 8-13; for boys, it usually …
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Summer Restorative Yoga Workshop | Friday, June 22 | 6:00-8:00 PM

Friday, June 22 | 6:00-8:00 PM The summer solstice is upon us! Celebrate the official arrival of summer with this popular, incredibly relaxing yoga workshop. If you’re new to yoga or feel like yoga may be too challenging, don’t worry! With …
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Welcome, Michael Reuland–again!

Deja vu? Well, sort of. You see, back when we wrote that first post, we were introducing Michael Reuland, the physical therapy student who was here at Creative Therapeutics on his final clinical rotation before graduating with his DPT from …
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Mother’s Day 2018

If you’ve been a regular reader, you know that May means Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day means discounts! These discounts are for mothers and/or anyone who knows a mother. This year, we are expanding our offers to include personal training. …
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Girls on the Run

Creative Therapeutics has been an annual sponsor of Girls on the Run for the past several years.  After learning about this program, I joined with another mom to bring it to my daughter’s school. Now we are coaching fifteen girls …
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Body Rolling Workshop: Upper Body | Thursday, June 14 | 6:00-7:15 PM

Wow! We had a great turnout of brave souls for the lower body-focused portion of our Body Rolling Workshop last month. We hope to continue the pain fun next month as we turn our attention to the upper body–back, shoulders, …
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Amy Prais Goes for RYT 500

Yoga instructor Amy Prais has begun working to complete her next level of yoga training. Amy is currently registered as an RYT 200. An RYT 500 means she will complete an additional 300 hours of teacher training and have been …
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