Don’t Wait to Get Your Body Back

Jamie Justice, physical therapist, physical therapy, dekalb, IL

Jamie Justice, PT, WCS

Pregnant women often brush off symptoms such as lower back or pelvic pain or bladder issues.  “It comes with the territory; it will go away after I have the baby.”  Pregnancy and postpartum can already be overwhelming. Of course, after your baby is born it gets hard to find time to take care of yourself–and even harder if you have other children, too. Research shows that for 80% of women, if pain or bladder leakage has not resolved within 3 months, it is not going to resolve.  If you are experiencing these issues during pregnancy, then this is a very good time to try to get help. Learning what you need to know about your core and posture can help resolve these symptoms even while carrying a baby at the same time. Please remember that it is not too late to get help for these conditions after you’ve had your child. These and other related issues are things we help people with at Creative Therapeutics just about every day.

Don’t wait to get your body back. This doesn’t just mean fitting into your old jeans; it means not waiting until some future opportunity to find time to build strength and take care of yourself. Moms are strong and resilient—they can power through anything.  However, weakness in the core coupled with the new postural demands involved with taking care of a baby can lead to persistent pain or bladder leakage.  Improving core strength will improve your chances of feeling better during your next pregnancy and not having those annoyances follow you over the long term, or after other pregnancies.  Diastasis recti often goes undetected, but it can also be rehabilitated as you improve your overall function.  So don’t wait to get your body back.  Learn how to get your deep core and pelvic floor strong again following a pregnancy so you can feel healthier–and happier–taking care of your little one!

If you or someone you know is experiencing these issues, call us to schedule a free consult at 815-758-5508. We’ll be happy to discuss what is happening with your body annd plan a course of treatment that works for you.

Don’t forget: our innovative Body after Baby program is a great, cost effective way for busy moms to safely and efficiently build core strength.

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