Mind-Body Health Discussion / Heartfulness Meditation

Fridays | 5:30-6:30 PM | Free

After the great turnout for Joan Laurino’s Conscious Living series over the past few months, we are happy to say that these free, Friday evening offerings will continue!

Mind-Body Health explores how the power of thoughts and emotions can greatly influence our health. While the topics will vary, the structure of the class remains basically the same: a fun, informal discussion of a topic related to mind-body health, touching upon scientific research that supports these concepts, followed by a heartfulness meditation.

Creative Therapeutics has always been a leader in informing people of ways in which they can take charge of their own health, stressing the importance of not just lifestyle, but our mental state, itself, to our physical condition.  Learn how much power your own brain has have to affect your ability to heal and to thrive!

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