“I love you guys, but I’m not in-network…”

Maybe you’re a former patient who has recently changed your insurance provider. Maybe you have a high deductible. Or maybe you’ve heard great things about Creative Therapeutics, but worry your insurance won’t cover care. Our national leaders still battle over health care costs, while the rest of us do the best we can with what we have, whether we are patients, doctors–or your favorite physical therapy clinic!

Being out-of-network is not necessarily a closed door. At Creative Therapeutics, we can work with your insurance, your budget, and your care plan to achieve maximum results. We are happy to meet the challenges of your finances and still deliver an optimal outcome.

Begin with our free consultation: our physical therapist will examine your issue, listen to your story, and provide feedback on ways to proceed with therapy. At Creative Therapeutics, we provide one-on-one physical therapy: your therapist is attending to you the whole time of your visit.

Here is an example of how we might work to meet the challenges of your finances and still deliver an optimal outcome. Remember, everybody has different issues and limitations, so this is just one example:

A typical course of treatment might call for one-hour appointments, twice a week over 8 weeks. To help save on your out-of-network costs, we might consider (for example) a one-hour PT appointment once a week over 6 weeks; or perhaps half-hour-long appointments twice a week.

In the meantime, we might suggest you supplement care with massage therapy, personal training, or even yoga. While insurance does not cover these services, in cash terms these are less expensive than PT appointments. Again, every case is different, but six weeks of PT followed by several weeks of yoga can be a very effective care plan, indeed.

You always have the choice of where to go for physical therapy. While being out of network would seem to limit that choice, call us for a free consult and to learn about your options. Express your concerns to your physical therapist, and sit down with our friendly insurance manager afterward. We can help you work through the costs so you can make an informed decision.



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