Fixing Hard Therapy Caps for Medicare: Success!

Recently we asked our Medicare patients to volunteer to make a video or otherwise contact their legislators to get Congress to end hard caps for therapy for Medicare Part B, caps which limited medically necessary therapy services for patients. This video-making effort was part of an overall initiative by the American Physical Therapy Association, which has been advocating for a solution to these harmful caps for 20 years. Simply put, the length of medically necessary treatment should be a decision made primarily by patients and their health care providers, including their physicians and therapists. Over these years, Congress has enacted exceptions and moratoria to try to delay implementation, but Congressional inaction has always meant these caps were looming.

We are happy to announce success! While there are other provisions in the new legislation the APTA does not support, a bill was signed into law early this month that eliminates the threat to cap treatments for patients. Thank you to those who lent your voices!

The APTA will continue to fight to make sure the profession of physical therapy and the crucial services it provides continue to be valued and supported.

Click here to read more from the APTA about this legislation. (You’ll need to scroll down to A Permanent Fix to the Therapy Cap: Improved Access for Medicare Patients Comes With Pending APTA-Opposed Cut to PTA Payment)


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